Tyler Matthew Oyer

In 2016 the visual artist Tyler Matthew Oyer  invited Julia Giertz to collaborate on a piece of music, as part of the soundtrack for the exhibition RELEASE.

Cirrus Gallery on Oyers work:

“Oyer’s collaborative album further engages the viewer and the stronghold of meta-narratives of the past, by way of sound and movement. The album, RELEASE, begins its journey with an inquiry into a series of spells that were embedded within the sound waves of a number of popular songs in 1982. These spells were engineered to enter the minds of listeners via their eardrums and dismantle the white supremacist, capitalist, imperialist, and patriarchal pathologies that characterize American domination.

The album, RELEASE, harnesses club music in order to conjure, engineer, and cast new spells and prompt movement, participation, and subsequently change. RELEASE will be available through wireless headsets, creating an experiential viewing of the paintings and sculptural elements.

The album will also be available on various platforms, distributed by Practical Records. Musical collaborators include Max Boss, Bendik Giske, Anders Rhedin, Julia Giertz, Kelman Duran, Ingmar Carlson, Lex Brown and Kembra Pfahler.”

Exhibition at Cirrus Gallery LA Sept. 16th – Nov. 12th, 2016

The track, Release can be heard here, as well as at Practical Records, and on Spotify