About Giertz

The Practice: In her work, Julia Giertz is using sound as the basis of her artistic practice. By drawing on music, physics and our perception of sound, Giertz is mapping bodily and structural responses to vibration. Sonic experiences, that activate the materiality of sound, and the tactile aspect of hearing, are central elements in this work. As a result of her research into sound and perception, Giertz is facilitating sonified spaces where the body undergoes physical adaptation to frequency, geometry and force, allowing for the sound and vibrations to activate a perceptual disturbance where hearing and touch meet.

The piece “Sound as Touch” (2016) seeks to collectively engage our tactile sense through sound, stimulating sympathetic listening. The continuation of this piece is the work “SHRILL”, first part will be developed at Notam in Oslo (2018).

Background: Giertz, originally from Stockholm, Sweden, has a professional background as a dancer and choreographer, touring worldwide between 2009 and 2014. At the same time her interest for electronic music depend and her artistic practice has ever since grown into becoming fully sound based. However, her commitment to somatic sound is an immediate consequence of the inherent physicality of the choreographic practice.

Between 2014-2017 Giertz was studying Environmental Engineering at Lund University (SE) as a way to place the idea of nature and body in relation to our ecological reality. These studies are today influencing her work as an artist and music producer.

Current: Recently her work has been presented at the Venice Biennale, Norberg Festival, Audiorama, Intonal and Charlottenborg Kunsthal. At present Giertz is collaborating with Marie Topp, Lisa Nyberg, Andros Zins-Browne, Sindri Runudde, Tyler Mathew Oyer amongst others.

Giertz is also teaching, as well as working with Popkollo and “Vem Kan Bli Producent”, a program for music-producers and sound engineers identifying as non-binary or/and female.

Please also see her soundcloud