Affect Space – a practice of gentleness

AffectSpace is a multistage process, initiated by Nele Suisalu and Maarja Tõnisson, which disrupts itself by specific artworks realized in different contexts (ResidenceSEA 2016, skulptuurikilomeeter kmX 2016, SAAL biennaal 2017). Our aim is to invite various co-thinkers and co-agents into this ongoing research-process/reflection-space.
For the residency at MIMtuudio, we invited the sound artist Julia Giertz (SE) to be part of AffectSpace – a practice of gentleness.

We enter the inbetween-space where acoustic and somatic practices encounter electronic and vibrational ones. Activating a space where electronic sound merges with the bodily reality of voice and movement, affecting the perception of oneself, of the other, and of the space.

“Every sound we make is a bit of autobiography. It has a totally private interior yet its trajectory is public.” /Anne Carson

Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Nordic Council of Ministers, MIMstuudio and Kaanuti Gildi Saal

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