Fullmånen från Helvetet

Fullmånen från Helvetet is Swedish and means the Fullmoon from Hell.


Cecilia Nordlund  sings and plays electric guitar. Åsa Gjerstad plays cello. Lotta Wenglén plays drums and Julia Giertz, plays synthesizers with an armada of pedals.

The music merges the darkness of the swedish landscape with exposed political realism. Cecilia sings with a vulnerable, naked soul while Fullmånen från Helvetet charges the space with broken hearts, throbbing drones and heavy distortion.


Events in 2018

Soon an LP will be released,  recorded in Christoffer Lundqvist AMG studios

Concert at Skillinge Teater 17 juni

Concert at Victoria Teatern Malmö 28 November


Events in 2017

Redidency at Inter Arts Centre, new music created on commission from Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening Institute

March 30 Inkonst Malmö

April 13 Gylleboverket, Östra Vemmerlöv

April 20 Stora Teatern, Göteborg (Pelle Ossler)

April 22 KB, Malmö (Pelle Ossler)

April 27 Debaser Strand, Stockholm (Pelle Ossler)


Events in 2016

Bushwick Bookclub at Malmö Live, Malmö

Bushwick Bookclub at Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg


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