Sound as Touch

Premiered at Audiorama in Stockholm 2016

Soundas Touch is a 40 min audio piece for a surround system that on the one hand is touching upon the sensorial, the sensitive and the sensual and on the other hand uses energetic dissonances, heavy distortion and deep bass in a way that charges the whole body with full sonic immersion.

In Sound as Touch the merging of auditory and tactile perception of the audience is in focus. Giertz works with the awareness of the highly responsive and finely tuned movements on the skin. It’s a type of touch that is not happening between bodies, but instead it is using a third medium, sound/air, to communicate. Furthermore, in this piece Giertz is exploring how the physical response of each audience member is linked to the notion of dissonance.

In Sound as Touch a connection between sound, silence, space, skin and movement emerges. The base of Giertz’s choreographic practice is the space where these concepts interact.

The piece Sound as Touch was commissioned by MDT and the festival “Yeah! Another Fine Selection” in Stockholm, Sweden. It premiered at Audiorama on December 2nd 2016 and was originally created for 21 speakers.

Click here to read more about the piece and Audiorama’s unique set-up

This text  describes the experience of the piece (in Swedish)

Here is an excerpt of the piece. Please note that the piece is created for a multichannel system with intense bass speakers.


INTONAL, Malmö april 2018


Norberg festival, Juli 2017

Audiorama in Stockholm, december 2016, part of the festival “Yet Another Fine Selection” at MDT


Audiorama in Stockholm, december 2016, part of the festival “Yet Another Fine Selection” at MDT



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