Unsettling – a guided meditation to the sea.

Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, september 2017

The work deals with unsettling and de-centering by the means of meditation. A voice guides the listener through an awareness exercise, where one’s body is soaked into the sea, and the rhythm of one’s body is disrupted by a call from the deep. There is an element of ”soft cohesion”, a persuasiveness of the voice, guiding the listener to dispossess of the current reality, falling into another rhythm, to be possessed and unsettled. In the process there is also space for negotiation and resistance.
Julia Giertz is a choreographer and sound-artist, interested in the direct physical impact of sound on the sensing body. Lisa Nyberg is a visual artist based in Malmö and is a PhD in Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Nyberg’s research deals with pedagogies of the unknown, and this work is part of her explorations of guided meditations as performance and pedagogy.

Concept and text Lisa Nyberg

Music and Sound Julia Giertz




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