The choreographer Sindri Runuddes will create a new piece in 2018. The sound is created in a collaboration between Julia Giertz and Marcus Almkvist. The first part of the performance will be created at a residency at Riksteatern  October 2018. More information will follow. Supported by: Riksteatern, Inkonst (Malmö), Skånes Dansteater, Stolt Scenkonst Palladium (Malmö), Danscentrum Syd (Malmö), Atalante (Göteborg), Storsjöyran … Continue reading SINDRI RUNUDDE


Liaisons is a choreographic work addressing our sense of sight. In piece the potential and the state of the blurred vision is explored. The work is initiated by choreographer Marie Topp in close collaboration with Julia Giertz (sound), Mårten K. Axelsson (light), Kenneth Bruun (dance), Olivia Riviere (dance) and Igor Dobricic (dramaturgy). Liaisons is the … Continue reading LIAISONS

Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen från Helvetet

Giertz is a member of the band Fullmånen från Helvetet, fronted by the singer Cecilia Nordlund, previously of the iconic swedish punk band Souls. Fullmånen från Helvetet translates to Full Moon from Hell. Cecilia Nordlund  sings and plays electric guitar. Åsa Gjerstad plays cello. Lotta Wenglén plays drums and Julia Giertz, plays synthesizers with an armada of pedals. The music merges the … Continue reading Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen från Helvetet